Based in Montreal, Quebec, Marcel divides his time between film and television, voice work, and theatre, where his versatility makes him equally at home in Shakespearean parts, clown and slapstick comedy. He began his career as a member of the Stratford Festival company in 1991 under David William, and the Young Company under Marti Maraden the following year. Since then, he has gone on to perform leading parts in various theatres across Canada. Television credits include the lead in CBC’s Snakes and Ladders, and guest spots on Dead Zone and Bullet in the Face. He is also fluent in French, which has led to regular roles on such well-known French-Canadian series as Les Poupees Russes and L’Ombre de L’Epervier II. Feature film credits include Paul Schrader’s Oscar-winning Affliction, Denys Arcand's An Eye for Beauty, Wicker Park, and blockbusters such as Taking Lives, and 300. A prominent voice actor, he has lent his voice to over two hundred and fifty productions in the past twenty-five years, running the gamut from documentary narration, to commercial voice-overs, to animated series. He was the voice of the laconic Lucky Luke and his dim canine sidekick, Rin-Tin-Dumb in The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, Mona’s dad in Mona the Vampire and Buster Baxter’s dad in Postcards from Buster. He has also assumed voice-directing duties for a number of projects ranging from cartoons to dubbed features. He has lent his talents to Montreal’s vibrant videogame industry, providing voices for such hit games as the Assassins Creed series, and the Splinter Cell series, among many others, and where his physical theatre background makes him a sought-after motion capture actor. He is a voracious reader of 20th Century history, a devoted cinephile, and would like nothing more than to know how to play the piano.